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A not-so mild mannered high school teacher by day; by night a budget-conscious fashionista in some seriously hot shoes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink Stripes and Pearls

I found these boots at Marshalls over the weekend. Originally marked $170.00, I picked them up for $49.99. They're perfect for fall; warm, buttery leather with buckle and zip closures, in a gorgeous tan color, neutral enough to match almost everything in my wardrobe. The stacked heel is a nice addition, too. At 5'2", I need all the extra height I can get. They aren't the most comfortable boots ever, but I can get through a solid school day before the weight starts to bother my ankles. All in all, I'm pretty happy with them!

My students loved this look. I even got a gold star from one of them ;)

Dress: Merona (Target; $19.99). Belt: Betsey Johnson, c/o Marshalls ($12.99). Body suit: Marshalls ($7.99). Cardigan: H&M (bought in Montreal; $9.99 Canadian). Boots: Fergie ($49.99). Pearl necklace: Forever21 ($10.80). Watch: Michael Kors (gifted). Pearl Studs: Wal-Mart (old; $3.20). Bag: Coach (gifted; seen here).

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ladylike Leather

The weather in Boston continues to be wet and bone-chilling. I'd pay someone for some sunshine right about now.

However, the chilly 55-degree weather is a perfect excuse to wear my new faux leather jacket from Target. I saw this and instantly fell in love with the detailing: puffed cap sleeves, buttons and zippers, and some nipping in at the waist thanks to some strategically placed elastic. It's a bit loose on my frame, but the extra room allows me to make good use of the pocket space. I can easily fit my cellphone and card case in there with some room to spare, and there are no unsightly bulges.

I don't know how well it will hold up over time, since it is cheap and faux leather. But it suits my purpose for now.

To make it a softer look, I threw on some pearls and glass beads, added a sock bun, and out the door I went!

*My cat Hobbes felt like modeling himself. He's quite the fashion friendly feline, if I say so myself. His favorite sleeping spot is my laundry basket.*

Jacket: Target. Jeans: Old Navy. Tank: Charlotte Russe (at least five years old). Shirt: Banana Republic (originally $34, snagged it on sale for $20). Flats: Kelsi Dagger (c/o Marshalls). Necklaces/stud earrings: Wal-Mart. Bracelet: Pandora (gift from family). Bag: Coach (a "Just Because" gift from husband).

How do you feel about Target steals?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Casual Saturday Date Night

The weather in Boston is very unpleasant at the moment. It's been wet, overcast, and chilly. As much as I love New England in the Fall, days like today don't allow for much in the way of cute outfits. Whereas normally I'd be all over knee high boots, fun jackets, and patterned scarves, today is all about comfort and practicality. Today would be the perfect day to sit in front of a fireplace with some warm apple cider.

But since we don't have a fireplace or any warm apple cider, my husband and I decided that tonight would be the perfect night for a movie date night.

I didn't feel like getting all jazzed up, only to have the wind and rain ruin my efforts, so I decided to keep it simple, casual, and comfy. Jeans and a boyfriend cardigan are always the perfect solution to combat yucky weather.
Boyfriend cardigan: Old Navy. Jeans: Old Navy "Diva" skinnies. Striped t-shirt: H&M. Kitten heels: East 5th (gifted from MIL; brand sold at JC Penney). Purse: Fendi (gift from hubby). Earrings: Forever21. Watch: Michael Kors (gifted from hubby).

How do you dress when the weather is dreary? What do you wear on a casual date?

An Introduction

This is it. My first post on my new blog! I'm so excited! Welcome to Teaching Chic and Cheap, a place where the fashion is classy, fun, and always budget-friendly.

While fashion blogging is a new venture for me, it is not my first foray into the world of Internet journaling. I first cut my teeth on the beauty blogging circuit back in early 2011. My first blog (Made Up in Boston) was a place for me to share my love for all things beauty-related, and it was a really great experience. I enjoyed sharing beauty tips, tutorials, product recommendations, and chatting with my readers about their favorite, must-have products.

It wasn't too long after I started blogging that I began reading fashion blogs. I have always been a major clothes horse and fashion has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but I have never been in the position to just buy whatever I want, thanks to a middle-class lifestyle and payscale (I am a high school history teacher), many thousand of dollars worth of student debt, and a killer sense of buyer's remorse. Spending lots of money on expensive clothing or accessories on an habitual basis is just not an option for me.

So in short, I was living vicariously through these amazing fashion blogs, picking up helpful tips and a healthy dose of inspiration. Then one day, it occurred to me that despite my very un-Paris Hilton budget, I still dress well, and feel great about how I look, all while receiving compliments for my sartorial choices and not breaking the bank or going into debt to achieve the latest style. As much as I would love an unrestricted shopping spree at Bloomingdale's, I am just a teacher. After I have paid for all my big-kid monthly responsibilities, I only have so much money left over to enjoy. My love for fashion isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so the only choice I have is to make do with what I can afford and transform into unique outfits.

Which is why I have decided to write a budget-friendly fashion blog. I want to show women that fashion doesn't have to be expensive to look good, and that you can still dress and feel amazing without accruing debt or skipping this month's rent. If you're like me and trying to live on a budget, then you understand how great advice and fashion tips can be. I love me a good sale, and I firmly believe that cheap doesn't have to equal tacky!

Periodically, however, you will see designer accessories featured on this blog. I am a very lucky wife to have a husband who occasionally spoils me. He appreciates my love for the nicer things in life, even if he doesn't always understand it! Nine times out of ten, if something is very expensive, it has been a birthday or anniversary gift. Again, I am very lucky! :)

I hope you'll enjoy my sartorial journey as interesting as I do.